How to Import Items from China

How to Import Items from ChinaHow to import items from China is becoming a subject of interest for most entrepreneurs from major Industrial countries all over the world. That is why a lot of them are so into learning the whole process. The importing business is greatly considered over exporting, because it is obviously easier to sell in your own country than elsewhere. Aside from that, getting past customs of another country is harder than getting past yours. Thus, in the US, Canada, Australia and other major players in the global market, many micro businesses that imports goods from China are on the rise. The Chinese market has become a good source of income for businesses, especially from the small scale sector.

To successfully import items from China to other nations, it is important to have a clear understanding of the whole importing process as well as customs regulations in those countries. There is just so much that an importer needs to be familiar with. Among the items covered in this site are the following:

  1. The list of products that are saleable and available in China for Import
  2. Finding the right suppliers from China
  3. Freight forwarding process
  4. Customs duty
  5. Tax liabilities

What We Offer:


If you aspire to be a self made importer, we can mould you to become one with our intensive training program. You’ll learn everything in a single program and be able to run through the whole process independently.


The whole import process starts by finding the best product to import. However, the core of this entire process is the ability to find a credible and reliable supplier or manufacturer that you can work with effectively. We can bridge you to a number of suppliers of your niche that are guaranteed to be legit and will not rip you off.

How to Minimize Customs and Tax Duties

Know the secrets of successful importers and learn how to get the most out of your imported items from China. There are many legal ways to get past customs clearance while minimizing your tax duties. What better way to learn it than to actually hear it from the people who are successful in this kind of business.

For that step by step coaching on how to import items from China, this website will provide you with everything that you might need to breeze through the process.